World Government

Majesty Crown 1st Century B.C.

Her Majesty HM. DR. AYE HM The World Majesty

  Founding Mother




The Golden Palace Origin of Her Majesty The Queen is still working on various projection within suitable schedules related to Her Majesty Significant Focus:

"Three Freedoms based Whole New World".

When The Time comes, Her Majesty will publicly introduce and unveil Most Projects that World Public shall know and need to be necessarily visible forthcoming for every nation of this earth, and universe. 

There were, have been, will be many people groups or individuals feels so excited at every work that Her Majesty had/have to work on silently all by herself including those have been always consistently keep trying Her Majesty to reign visibly and officially via or with many pressure just to promise how they want or what they want to go through in their wrong directions which Her Majesty is simply not interest such typical forcing into Her Solemn Own Projects that no one else shall violate except trying to help Her Projects via loyalty in caring and loving as to holding her hand virtually and for now: as invisibly.


Basic Structure of The Majesty Kingdom: Click here.


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Majesty Kingdoms Origin 1st Century B.C.



Her Majesty Palace Headquarters

The Only & One Majesty Queen of this world never needs any official seal or nomination from any human. Only by herself since was born have already reigned on any soil of any land, on this entire earth.

Her Majesty holds her own natural power which is vital and pure for everyone on this earth. Thus any structure of any constitution or even none constitution has nothing to do with Majesty Kingdoms Origin. We Majesty Teams can fit in working together with any governing system of any sovereignty at any nation, or for any path of our world.

The Life of World Public at most comfortable position to be able to live together and each other in harmony with basic living standard security is the Forthwith: Major Priority of Her Majesty HM. DR. AYE. So that be known; just follow through step by step: sure & steady! 




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Golden Concept

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